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  • Wireless smart earphones GOO BUDS


    The new generation of wireless headphones for an optimal listening and comfort ! 


    ✅ Bluetooth 5.0

    ✅ Ergonomic design

    ✅ High quality sound

    ✅ Easy and smart pairing

    ✅ Long battery life

  • Lightning Magnetic Cable with data...


    Charge your smartphone way faster with the GOO Magnetic Lightning cable !

  • Type-C Magnetic Cable with data transfer...


    Charge your smartphone way faster with this Type C cable

  • Hyper secure fingerprint travel padlock


    Go with peace of mind with this new generation lock with integrated fingerprint ! 

    ✅ Made of robust, strong and durable zinc alloy for high precision use.

    ✅ A professional biometric technology that unlocks quickly in a fraction of a second. No key or password required, fast and convenient.

    ✅ In case of emergency, it can be unlocked directly by fingerprint while charging.

    ✅ Built-in USB rechargeable lithium battery of 110 mAh, charges for 2h and remains active for 6 months. If charged for 1h stays active for 90 days. Can be opened up to 1000 times after being fully charged.

    ✅ Has an LED indicator with 3 colours representing different states.

    ✅ Mini, portable and compact design takes up little space, extremely easy to carry or store.

    ✅ Intelligent waterproof lock, widely used as security protection on suitcase, backpack, luggage, bike, locker and tool kit ...

  • Smart padlock with keyless biometric high...


    Smart padlock with keyless biometric high protection, suitable for Gym, Sports, Bike, School, Locker and Storage.

    Padlock with USB rechargeable battery. Supports 10 fingerprints including 2 administrator fingerprints.

    ✅ Sleek and durable design 

    ✅ Multiple uses

    ✅ Long battery life 

  • Goo Foot Massage 2 using Electro Muscle...

    • Suitable for the elderly or sedentary people
    • 9 different intensity levels
    • 6 massage modes
    • Compact, light and portable.
    • Delivered with a remote control, the GOO foot massage's device allows you to change modes, adjust intensity levels while remaining comfortably seated
    • The GOO foot massage has a battery that you can easily recharge with its supplied USB charging cable
    • 2 year warranty 
  • GOO Cordless compressed air pump with...


    The new generation of air pump with touchscreen ! 

    ✅ LED touch screen

    ✅ Multiple inflation modes 

    ✅ 4000 mAh rechargeable battery 

    ✅ Tyre pressure monitoring 

    ✅ Integrated LED light 

  • Electric smart GOO Air Pump


    The smart 3-in-1 emergency air pump !

    ✅ LCD display

    ✅ Multiple inflation modes

    ✅ 2000 mAh rechargeable battery

    ✅ Tyre pressure monitoring

    ✅ Integrated LED light

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  • GOO Health Watch


    Welcome to the new generation of the health smart band, the Goo Health Watch. 

    Simultaneously monitor your heart rate, sleep and physical condition and receive notification of abnormal changes.

    At any time of day, you can measure your:

    • Blood oxygen level (sp02)
    • Heart rate variability (HRV)
    • Heart rate (bpm)
    • Blood pressure
    • Electrocardiogram (ECG)

    Click on the following links to download the GOO Health Watch App, that brings together all your daily health data.


    If you face connection troubles with the App Goo Health Watch, you must download the App H-Band which is also compatible and give the same access to all the functions