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Are you looking for a smart device to improve your health?
Goo Connect offers a wide range of health and wellness products that aim to help you to improve your sleep and let you take up physical activities again according to your needs and desires. 
The GOO Sleep Care band is the perfect device to measure your blood oxygen level in real time and your heart rate variability (HRV) to detect possible sleep apnea. 
If the critical threshold is exceeded, it automatically warns you via notifications and alarms. The GOO sleep care band is without any doubt the perfect device to manage and fix your sleep problems.
Another smart device for you to check and improve your well-being is the Goo Activ band! It allows you to measure your heart rate and blood pressure as well as calculate your calories burned and steps taken.
The GOO Activ band is a real companion for your health. It shows you your physical condition at any time: when you walk, run or when you do fitness. The band is paired with an application, which is available on both iPhone and Android. It allows you to analyze your data in detail and thus realize the progress you have accomplished.


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