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The activity band that calculates your oxygen levels and prevents sleep apnea !

The Goo Sleep Care is the connected bracelet that analyses the quality of your sleep and warns you if you are prone to sleep apnea.

 Connected wristband.

✅ Measures heart rate, blood oxygen level, heart rhythm.

✅ Pedometer calculates the calories burned ideal for athletes 

✅ All the classic functions

✅ Compatible IOS / Android

A complete analysis

The Goo Sleep Care connected wristband measures the variability of your heart rate while you sleep and the oxygen level in your blood. It also tells you your sleep patterns. This sleep wristband has a notification and alert system that alerts you to the slightest overshoot or anomaly in your heart rate or oxygen level.

This allows you to take stock of the quality of your nights and consult a doctor if you suspect sleep apnea. The sleep activity bracelet is coupled with the Goo Sleep Care application, available on iPhones and smartphones running Android. You will be able to finely analyse the data captured by the health bracelet since the application synchronises with it in real time.

On the technical side, the connected sleep wristband is waterproof and has Bluetooth 4.0 technology. Lightweight (25 grams) and comfortable, it is also aesthetically pleasing and has a touch screen. The data collected by the bracelet and the application are stored locally in the phone. You can delete the recorded data as you wish, thanks to a feature included in the Goo Sleep Care application.

A sports function is also available for leisure and performance use, measuring steps, distance and calories burned. You can also measure your heart rate during exercise.

It concentrates all the classic functions of a classic connected watch: Message reminder, Call reminder, Distance, Alarm alert, Health statistics, Touch button, Remote shooting, Sedentary, Find phone.

Compatible with IOS and Android smartphones by downloading the free Goo Sleep Care app. Connect to Iphone, Samsung Galaxy, Huawey and other Smartphone.


Data sheet

150 mAh
Bluetooth 4.0
2,8 x 1,8 x 1,1 cm
24,7 cm
1,8 cm
1,1 cm
Charging cable
Mobile application
GOO Sleep Care
Norm IP67
OLED display
25 g
iOS 8 + / Android 4.4 +
Connected wristband
Cable length
7 cm
Black / Grey
Titres MKP
GOO Sleep Care - Connected wristband- oxygen level in your blood - sleep apnea
Titre MKP
GOO Sleep Care - activity bracelet with sleep apnea analysis and prevention
wristband, activity, health, sleep, sleep apnea, oxygen, blood, pedometer, tracking, analysis
Bullet 1
Health Companion
Bullet 2
Detects sleep apnea
Bullet 3
Measures the level of oxygen in the blood
Bullet 4
Quality of sleep
Bullet 5
Bluetooth - Waterproof

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